VIDEO: How to Evaluate Guest Post Opportunities (Featuring Live Site Reviews)

A question I get asked frequently is what we look for when it comes to evaluating a guest post opportunity. I covered the topic in quite a bit more detail in my SEOmoz post that featured my Guest Post Quality Rater Handbook. This was published back in June so I thought some people might find it useful to recap some of the key points and to also run through some live examples to highlight my thought process as to why one site is preferable over another and also to give you an insight into our ways of working here at Skyrocket.

This is the first video presentation I have ever put together for public consumption so it is quite rough around the edges – it is no Whiteboard Friday but I think it covers some important ground and if you have any feedback for me please add to the comments below.

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    Yougender September 21, 2012 at 1:26 pm #

    Hey James,

    Great post. Thank you so much for sharing the live examples. I also read the post on SEOmoz and eager to try some of the ideas.

    I do have a of question –
    1. How important is the domain age of the blog? In your post you mentioned that we shouldn’t discount new bloggers. But is there a cut off of any kind? I have seen few blogs that start off good but lose perspective after time or they start to incorporate too much ad sense

    Also, for analyzing blogs or any type of website, I use ‘wayback machine’ to check what the website was few years back, just to be sure they don’t change the appearance regularly or that it wasn’t a complete different website in the past. Is there something similar that you do?

    Thank you again for the post and waiting for the next Video presentation. All the best. :)


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      James Agate September 25, 2012 at 11:27 am #

      Hi Yougender,

      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and for your comment.

      I completely take your point with regards to domain age and how some bloggers start off with the right intentions but stray from the right path after a little while. Unfortunately there is little you can do to combat this.

      The only real way you can mitigate the risk is to ensure you are acquiring a diverse set of links, I mean if you target some new websites and some established websites, there are likely to be some that “go bad” but overall you will be fine because you have other strong links. If you over-aggressively target just say new bloggers then you are much more likely to have a higher percentage of links that potentially turn bad.

      Equally if you just target established websites you are missing out on opportunities potentially.

      We will occasionally use the wayback machine from but only if there is something that we feel “isn’t right” about the site which might warrant further investigation.

      Thanks again for your comment.


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    Gaz Copeland September 25, 2012 at 3:20 pm #

    Great first video James, really nice to see real life examples.

    One question, do you typically evaluate all potential guest blog opportunities by hand as per the video? Or do you have some helpful tips to scale?

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    Phil September 25, 2012 at 3:42 pm #

    Good Video, plenty of info to think about.
    Could you provide the idea graph link please.

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