The SEO dream team – who would you want on your side?

I read and shared this post yesterday > Create a Killer SEO Team and it got me thinking about the ‘ultimate’ SEO team… the fantasy league or dream team comprised of the top individuals in their respective fields; site architecture, keyword research, link building etc.

I feel like it would be an interesting exercise and a fascinating read, so here goes:

We’ll start with the nominations (use the form below). I will then pull together the favourites and we can all have our final vote before I announce the results – There’s going to be a final lineup of 11 (and some reserves) since I’m from the UK, home to the original kind of football with 11 players ;-) !

Who would you want on your SEO team?

Please enter your nominations using the form below and share this around so that any folks deserving of inclusion in this get nominated!!

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