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Hey, SkyrocketSEO readers. We often leverage search operators, along with online tools like Garrett’s Link Prospector, to analyze in-house and client-related opportunities.

I recently hosted the below URLs on our Skyrocket Google Plus page,

It was a good one..

AJ Kohn says so..


but the post was negated, likely due to the number links.


So, I thought it would be most useful (I honestly use the below resources ALL THE TIME.) for our readers to host them here.

Why the cool graphics?  I thought it would make the headings more visually appealing to contrast the boring ole’ URLs.

Most importantly, I’m going to keep adding to this.  (Tell your friends.)

Google Search Operators

Google Search Operators –

Google Search Operators – Support/

Google Advanced Operators – Support/

Advanced Uses for Google’s ‘Site’ Operator – Google System/Blogspot

Punctuation & Symbols in Search – Support/

Combinations with Search Operators – Dr. Pete/SEOmoz

6 Related Operator Tips & Google Doc Tool – EvolvingSEO/Dan Shure

In-Anchor Search Operator Guide – Search Engine Watch/Garrett French

Link Prospector’s Guide to the Tilde – Search Engine Watch/Garrett French

Professional’s Guide to Advanced Search Operators – SEOmoz

47 Google Search Operator Queries – SEOoptimise/PakHou Cheung

Unofficial Google Advanced Search Guide –

Smooth Relation Building with Operators – contentmuse/Anthony Pensabene


Advanced Twitter Operators – I’m not writing it out/Sean Revell

How to Use Advanced Twitter Search – Help/

AllMyTweets – Look at history of any account’s tweets

Take Advantage of Twitter Search Operators – Gigaom/Dawn Foster

5 Essential Twitter Operator Tips – MediaBistro/Lauren Dugan


Google Advanced Image Search –

Is Google Image Search Worth a Marketing Look? – GreenLaneSEO/Anthony Pensabene

Optimize Images for Search, Social, and People – SEO Smarty/Ann Smarty

Complete List of Image Dimensions – Trackur/Andy Beal


Advanced Search Operators for Gmail – Support/

New Gmail Search Operators – Google Operating System/Blogspot

Creating and Using Your PR Editorial Calendar – SkyrocketSEO/Anthony Pensabene

Public RelationsTop 6 Search Operators for PR Pros – aimClear/Lindsay Schleisman


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