1387211848_FishingWe combine our industry-leading content creation capabilities with highly-effective outreach to drive awareness, visitors and links to your website.

Our linkbaiting service has been refined over our lifetime to be a cost-effective way to build links consistently without compromising on the quality of those links or the integrity of your brand.

Our service includes:

  • Creative content ideation
  • Professional & Specialist content creation
  • Targeted email outreach
  • Social influencer outreach

Will your piece of linkbait “go viral”? The truth is that nobody can guarantee that (we don’t have a special “make this viral” button sadly) and in reality what qualifies as a “viral hit” varies tremendously from industry to industry, if you sell chemicals to cleaning companies then you probably can’t expect the same number of pageviews as a publication throwing out pictures of cat GIFs.

However what we can guarantee is that we will be both strategic and tactical in our execution of your linkbaiting campaign, giving your piece of content the best possible chance of being successful by blending email and social media outreach. Whether it is tapping into a developing news story, capitalising on controversy or crafting a story from some data – we can help grow your business with content.

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