Link Building Case Study

Does Google really reward you for building high-quality links?

We believe that client campaigns should remain confidential, however one of our direct guest posting clients was so impressed with the results that they have allowed us to share some anonymous data from their campaign as testament to our services.

  • Industry: Fashion
  • Campaign Length: 12 months
  • Services: Guest Posting

Our brief was to take the client from mid to low page 1 to the top of the search results across a range of core category level keywords that the client already enjoyed a high-conversion rate for.

The challenge was that competitors had bigger budgets and were picking up all sorts of shady links that were actually helping them soar in the search results. Our client meanwhile wanted more visibility but equally they wanted their rankings to be built on solid foundations.

The client sought out Skyrocket SEO based on a recommendation. We performed a detailed competitor analysis and felt confident that our guest posting service would provide the volume of trusted, relevant links needed to secure a top position, not in the distant future but now.

Here’s what we delivered:

  • Guest Blogging Service
  • Average Domain mozRank that posts were placed on = 3.7
  • Average Domain Authority that posts were placed on = 48

Here’s what we achieved:

A chart detailing rankings and traffic growth over 6 months

A positive movement of 4 positions might not seem like a big deal but as anyone who has worked in the trenches of SEO will tell you – getting to page 1 is the relatively easy bit, moving up page 1 is the real challenge. As you can see traffic has increased in line with the rankings improvements which is of course superb and has lead to a sharp upswing in revenue derived from the keywords we took responsibility for.

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