Infographic Design & Promotion Service

We want the quality of our work and our exceptional results to speak for themselves… We stand behind our service with our coverage guarantee*!

Find the viral hook in your industry

canadaYukon call this a silly infographic but we’re having Nunavut…

This piece offered much more than just cheap puns, it carried real social currency and the results speak for themselves.

We tapped into the expertise of our research team and finesse of our design team to create a visual asset which would be entertaining, shareable and very timely (it was released around Independence Day).

The content stirred conversation and passionate debate and the design has won the acclaim of peers and audience alike.

Here’s how it performed:

  • Social Shares – 27k StumbleUpon, 400+ FB Shares, 100+ Tweets
  • Pageviews – 30,000+ across placements and client site
  • Links – 200+

Reach target customers with engaging contentYT classroom

Skyrocket SEO helped to communicate how YouTube can be beneficial when used as part of a well-rounded education program.

See the visual

Challenge misconceptions about your service or industry


We worked with a leading cruise ship booking service to produce a piece which was visually engaging, socially shareable and at its very heart, informative.

We wanted their prospective customers to better understand the magic of this type of vacation.

See the visual

Use data to tell your story

openscanWe were tasked with helping the Accounts Receivable Network and Openscan Technologies present their annual survey.

See the visual

Connect with your wider audience

fbOur client recognized the need to stand out in the crowded coupon marketplace. We were briefed to produce and promote an infographic that would reach and reasonate with their key audience – Facebook users.

See the visual




Content marketing isn’t just for “sexy” industries

1quoteOur client operates in a niche B2B sector and we wanted to help them reach more of their big ticket customers with a content marketing piece that would attract coverage, set them apart from the lackluster content of their competitors and above all reinforce some of their core brand values.

See the visual

Our Process

  • Concept – understanding your campaign goals and building a concept around this.
  • Research – we thoroughly research gather engaging and compelling stuff to cram into your graphic – carefully verifying each fact.
  • Design – beautiful hand-crafted designs by professional infographic designers.
  • Approval/Compliance – we work closely with clients to ensure all internal stakeholders are happy and any content is fully signed-off before moving to promotion.
  • Promote – we utilize a variety of content seeding and promotional tactics to ensure your infographic attracts links and eyeballs from the right kinds of people.
  • Attribution – we carefully monitor coverage of the infographic to ensure you get attribution where it’s due.

4 key reasons to invest in an infographic promotion:

  1. Earn trusted, powerful links that can lead to increase search engine visibility.
  2. Drive targeted visitors to your website.
  3. Enhance brand awareness online.
  4. Gain credibility from being featured on top-tier online publications.

How much does it cost?

Some projects require bespoke pricing but the majority of our campaigns fall into the following price points:

  • Production (Concept, Research & Design) from just £935/$1490.
  • Production & Promotion Package from £1,560/$2,495.
  • Volume & agency partner discounts are available.

Don’t forget > We stand behind our service with our coverage guarantee* – If your infographic doesn’t get featured on relevant websites we’ll keep promoting it until it does or we’ll produce another infographic for free.

Outstanding quality and service

We respond to the majority of customer enquiries within a few hours. Our designs are hand-crafted and our research teams are world-class. We are also agency-friendly, working with a lot of SEO and internet marketing companies as their infographic design and marketing team because of our incredibly affordable rates and impeccable service.

What kind of results can I expect?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and it is a completely understandable one – infographics are an investment designed to deliver a return not just look pretty.

Our promotional campaigns are designed to ensure a blend of high-quality links, social traction and engaged visitors to your website.

Here are just some of the top-tier publications that we have secured coverage on for clients:


Results as you might expect do vary but typically you will see a mix of placements on top-tier media websites, worthwhile seed sites and relevant niche-specific websites. More often than not our initial placements of your infographic lead on to widespread pickup and many placements besides the ones we actively secure for you. So although the initial investment cost is higher than some other types of link building, the average cost per placement is often a lot lower which means more bang for your budget.

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*The coverage guarantee is not available with our production only option. It is only available on packages where the promotion option has been ordered .