How Would Wu Google? The School of Shaolin Search Operators

“If you got beef then bring the ruckus…” – Wu-Tang Clan

Do competitors fear your marketing clan?  They should.  I want my competitors to lose sleep, wondering what I’m crafting in the wee hours of the night while they’re catching up on Downton Abbey.

Opportunity never sleeps or takes a quick nap with the lights out.  Let’s learn from Oreo, whose marketing team, exercising creativity in real-time, made other advertisers (some paying upwards of $3.8 million for 30 second Super Bowl ads) look like they were in the dark regarding how to make an impression, a 14,500 retweets kind of impression. :)  What would your team do given such opportunity?

What’s your team presently doing regarding Google search operators?  Is your marketing team not to be reckoned with?  I hope your clients and future prospects host such receptions.  Do you want to get better at it?

In the early 90’s, when I wasn’t on my Zack Morris cellular or rocking the completely-dated flannel patterns of Eddie Bauer shirts (#flannelisthenewSEOblack),

I polluted my young, teen mind with that hippity-hoppity music, Wu-Tang Clan getting heavy play on my Sony CD player.  One aspect I liked most was the collaboration.  Their strength resulting in numbers and union of thoughts and collective respect and brotherhood.

Personal styles, philosophies, personalities, and voices mashed up, all becoming integral to the unique Wu sound and mystique.

I want your team to build marketing mystique, optimizing multiple roads to meet needs of clients and in-house pursuits.  This is achieved, of course, through collaboration and discussion, taking different roads to end-goals.

Let’s learn ways to leverage search operators, using members of the Wu as our marketing  team.

The Rza – Video Search

The Rza, or as his momma calls him, Robert Diggs is a phenom lyricist also hosting directing talents.

Let’s consider one of our clients is in the fitness business.  Let’s think video like the Rza, searching for marketing opportunities, isolating video in the process.

Rza wants to take a look at what competing brands are doing for a Denver fitness client of ours.  Rza wants to survey what competitors are doing, getting ideas, seeing what’s working and what’s not, ultimately making suggestions to our Denver client.

Rza knows some common video formats, such as .MPG and .WMV.  However, there are lots more – take a look here at video extensions.

If Rza does a Google search like so:


He’ll get a listing of mp4 files associated to Denver fitness, taking notes of sharing metrics, quality, and elements he can pass along to our Denver fitness client for emulation and better implementation.

Ann Smarty wrote on using advanced operators with video some time ago.

Gza – Guest Posts

Gary Grice, recognized as the founding member of the clan, liked to add to others’ albums, similar to a guest poster.  James Agate often offers guest post tips.  The Gza and our team just brought on a client in the education vertical, one desiring guest post opportunities.

The Gza likes using Google Correlate to get preliminary ideas regarding what topics searchers align with education.  At present, the correlations to ‘education’ are such – oh yes, our client has aspirations to make a mark in Spain, so he’s sure to adjust the country selection as he wishes.

Communication is one topic associated with education. The Gza gets around, much like Tupac in the 90s.  He understands verbiage differs across different peoples.  He is going to look for real-time information related to education combined with communication within Google’s Spanish search engine.

Going into the Google Discussions engine, he’ll search like so:

communication*education (The asterisk pulls results with ‘communication’ and ‘education’ separated by five or fewer words.)

You don’t habla espanol?  Just translate the page or throw phrases in Google Translate.  The Gza now has some ammo to provide to his writers, the client, as well as his outreach specialist who is proactively seeking opportunities to write on timely topics, most prevalent in Spain, where the education client wants to make new impressions.

Ghostface Killah – PR

Dennis Coles, like the other members of the clan, achieved high acclaim after the group’s 36 Chambers wrapped member names in music history.  The group segmented, proliferating success into respective solo careers.  Ghostface came up with a solo album in 1996, also adding his lyrical presence to cohorts’ solo projects, like Raekwon’s Verbal Intercourse (also featuring Nas), maybe one of the most bad-ass pieces produced (imo).

Branching out warrants PR, building a thought leader presence.  Ghostface is working with a new financial analysis client in the US.  Ghostface already did prelim research, pitching a bunch of reporters for outreach.  He’s finding due to the topic of finance, a robust one often covered in major publications, fielding PR opportunities is rough.  The client’s business is small, with little ‘street cred’ to lean upon.  However, major publications often accept visual content, supplementing prose.

Ghostface is clever.  He knows he can make his client a purple cow by shifting the variety of content.  Rather than prose, he’s going to align the client’s insights with visual cues – choose one.

Ghostface gets free HARO emails, combing PR ops stemming from major publications across the spectrum to mommy bloggers.  A lot of marketing enacts rather than reacts, but what if Ghostface used advanced search operators for Gmail?

Ghostface is going to use operators within Gmail in the following manner:

in:anywhere from:HARO in:anywhere finance (right in the Gmail search box)

Then, he’s going to go back taking note of particular reporters and publications, seeing whether now-published pieces can be supplemented by the finance client’s insight in the form of stats and sexy visual data.  Such a notion strengthens content curation, giving the publication a new reason to unearth past material or explore new tangents of the same story.

Creating supplemental data (such as case-studies, in-industry direct quotes, pictures, and live video) is one of the first things I learned embracing the PR field.  You’d be surprised at the number of publications welcoming supplemental data to enhance existing (and future content if you make a good impression).

In addition to HARO, want to feel the pulse of real-time reporting, hopping on opportunities as they arise?  Muck Rack allows markets to keep tabs on reporter and editor subject matter.


Let’s recap today’s Wu school session.

– Rza is savvy with video, searching for subjects combined with video file formats to get ideas from competitors, improving upon them for better client progress

– Gza explores guest posting opportunities, ensuring the pitch gets a good reception by tracing current trends and hot topics aligned with our client’s industry and respective market’s interests.

– Ghostface is scaring the competition straight, fielding great PR opportunities for our clients using HARO combined with Gmail as well as other PR and search tools.

How does your marketing team woo your clients with good marketing opportunity and search, while bringing the ruckus to the competition?

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have exciting muse news for you …

Note from James – Ha! “MuseNews”, that’s definitely something I’m going to have to trademark. Anyway, I’m really excited to have Anthony on board, he’s going to be working with us as our Ambassador in the US, Community Consigliere and Director of Helpfulness. Anthony has been a good friend of mine for some time now and I’ve always said that I want to work with the best people regardless of their location so it’s great to have finally tempted him into working with us to grow the community around Skyrocket SEO. Welcome!

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