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We proactively earn you (or your clients) genuine, targeted & valuable links

You likely already know the value that Google places on quality, authoritative inbound links but our service doesn’t just help improve your search engine visibility, it can also help to drive direct traffic to your website, improve brand visibility and even generate leads and sales.

Why is quality so important?

Link quality has always been an important factor in SEO. Fast forward to today and not only are high-volume, irrelevant and low-quality links often ineffective they could potentially be harmful to your website in the long term.

Building quality links is really time intensive though and this is the problem we can solve. We’ve devised a highly-structured, easily scalable and highly-effective solution for building strong, relevant links to your website.

We offer a premium-quality guest posting solution that’s realistically priced and can be scaled according to your needs. We take care of the whole process for you:

  • We research target blogs.
  • Each blog is assessed by our expert quality assurance team for suitability.
  • We make contact and establish a relationship.
  • We research, brainstorm, identify and suggest topic ideas.
  • We have an extensive team of UK, US, Canadian and Australian writers who produce all of our fantastic content.
  • We have strict quality-control measures at every stage (and can give you control over any aspect).
  • We liaise with the blogs to get each post published

Unlike some other ‘guest posting services’ all links we generate for you are editorially awarded. We’re not getting you links from a blog network!

We are agency friendly

We love partnering with SEO and online marketing agencies to offer a white-label and completely confidential guest posting solution to your clients. Get in touch to find out more.


Please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss pricing with you. We charge per post and offer packages of 5,10, 20 & 50 as well as bespoke pricing for higher volumes. Similarly if you have a specific budget in mind we can also help you secure as many posts for that price as possible.

  • 5 – £470 ($750)
  • 10 – £915 ($1,455)
  • 20 – £1,765 ($2,810)
  • 50 – £4,095 ($6,510)

Pricing covers all research, content production and placement. We’re highly responsive so if you get in touch, we’ll come back to you with a price within 24 hours.

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Why you shouldn’t do guest posting yourself

Guest posting is challenging. It is time consuming, difficult to get started with and can be a serious headache to manage.

You need to find the right blogs, come up with the content, write it yourself or find writers to do this for you, get the piece formatted correctly, get it sent off for approval, make any adjustments that are needed, send it back, chase up the blogger if they don’t post or there’s an error and then start over again for the next piece. All that adds up to a lot of time and hassle.

How we make it easy

Through experience and expertise we’ve refined the guest posting process to make it as scalable and cost effective as possible whilst maintaining quality and results.

Our dedicated team of researchers will prospect opportunities in your marketplace, and drawing on our experience in a wide range of industries, we contract one of our talented industry-specific writers to create the content. Our campaign managers will then proofread and quality check the piece before facilitating the process of getting it placed and making sure everything is as it should be.

Why choose us over other guest posting services?

  • We’re leaders in this space – we have a strong reputation for client results and client satisfaction (our customer support team are currently resolving queries in less than 30 minutes on average!).
  • Our process is backed by experience with hundreds of campaigns in a wide range of niches.
  • We draw on our existing pool of high-quality publishers that we have a relationship with as well as prospecting for new websites for every single campaign in order to give us a superior blend of links.

Tell me more about the benefits of guest posting

Guest posting is a very attractive linkbuilding and promotional tactic.

  • It’s natural – we’re helping you to editorially earn links
  • It’s sustainable – completely ethical and a link opportunity with benefits beyond link equity
  • You’ll attract visitors – build awareness for your business
  • Social media benefits – tap into a closely related audience who might be interested in following you on Twitter or becoming a fan on Facebook.
  • It’s a win-win-win situation – you earn a high quality link, the blog gets some great content and the reader gets some well-written, fresh reading material

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Will I get links from sites like Mashable, TechCrunch etc?

Sorry, but no. Our guest posting service is a proactive way to gain strong links. We strive to deliver the best links and maximum brand exposure for you (we utilise a proprietary link quality scoring system), but content tends to get placed with niche and mid-tier blogs. If you are looking for placement on top-tier sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, Business Insider and similar then you should look into our infographic marketing service.

Who writes the content?

We have an ever-increasing army of subject experts and talented writers waiting to create content for your business. We only use writers that are on our system and have been pre-vetted for quality and all have detailed knowledge of the area that they work in – we don’t work with poor quality writers that just churn out junk.

Can you show me some examples?

We work confidentially for clients and as such can’t publicly disclose direct links to recent guest posts we’ve completed, but we are more than happy to highlight examples (where we’ve been express client permission) in private.

We’re happy to replace any links you’re unhappy with free of charge.

Please tell me more about the process

Our process is logical and quite straightforward, the way we execute is both innovative and market-leading so we can’t reveal full details of this however we are happy to give you this overview:

  • Brainstorm– we understand your goals, assess your website to see what we have to work with in terms of topic areas and we brainstorm some loose content concepts.
  • Prospecting – we research and compile a full outreach list using a variety of sources.
  • Evaluation – our evaluation team will assess websites for their suitability, quality and link strength using our proprietary scoring system.
  • Outreach – we make contact with website owners and pitch them the guest post ideas we’ve come up with.
  • Writing – once we have agreement from bloggers we pass the assignment out to our specialist writing team. Our content managers make sure the right writers get the right projects so you’ll enjoy a much higher quality of content than many of the other ‘content agencies’ out there who just employ general writers.
  • Quality Control – content goes through two layers of quality control to ensure it is unique, well written and actually enjoyable to read
  • Facilitation – our outreach team will then facilitate the placement and publication of the article by liaising with the website owner or blogger.

What are the timescales?

We do our best to deliver orders speedily however as we are sure you will appreciate this isn’t a precise science since we are contacting website owners and in many cases constructing your campaign from scratch so this does take time.

  • For orders below 50 posts we aim to deliver in 28 working days.
  • For larger orders over 50 posts we aim to deliver in 56 working days
  • For complex or large orders we may need to discuss appropriate deadlines.

Posts will go live throughout this period of time and we can’t guarantee all links will be live by this point but we will endeavour to have all post opportunities lined up and awaiting publication by this time.

Why does it take so long? Please bear in mind that we are not a quick fix solution or a blog network vendor; we research your market, identify opportunities, build relationships, write content and facilitate the publication of said content. All this takes time and we aren’t in control of the websites we work with so we can’t guarantee publication by a set date.