9 guest posting experts share their advice

Want more attention for your business? More visitors, more subscribers and even more clients?

Guest posting in my opinion will always be a solid and long-lasting way to reach new audiences, win new business and improve SEO. Provided you approach it as an attention strategy for your business rather than solely a linkbuilding tactic, it will continue to be an effective way to grow your presence online.

I’ve collated the best advice from 9 guest posting experts:

Dean Hunt

Dean is one of the foremost authorities on buzz marketing as well as being one of the funniest bloggers on the scene. He lists guest blogging as one of his tactics for quickly creating a visible and credible personal brand online…powerful stuff! Here’s his best advice for guest posting:

“For every 3 blog posts you write, offer one of them on a competitor’s blog. This will get you recognised, it will get you free traffic, you get credibility through association”

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is an expert at building (and helping others to build) high traffic websites and blogs. In Corbett’s opinion, guest posting is one of the best ways to build your audience and attract new visitors to your website but he shares his views from a different perspective, looking at why guest posts sometimes aren’t accepted helping us all to better understand what goes into a successful guest post partnership by dissecting the failures.

“Make sure your own blog or site is worth sharing…”

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Jeff Goins

Jeff is a writer, ideas guy and very popular blogger. He sees guest posting as a way of getting attention for your own work…helping you to ensure you’re not the only person reading your blog. Jeff knows what goes into a successful guest post having contributed to the likes of Copyblogger.

“If the blogger posts your article, first thank her. Then, treat it as you would one of your own posts, if not better. Tweet it, share it, email it, etc. Post an excerpt on your own blog and link to the whole article. Interact in the comments and engage readers who respond. This is a must.”

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James Agate

I’m a massive advocate of guest blogging and so I couldn’t resist throwing my own name into the hat for this post…

“Guest posting is a way to broaden your horizons and reach new prospects.”

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Andrew Nattan

Andrew, a talented copywriter and fellow Brit, observes that writing and submitting a guest post offers some real opportunities for spectacular failure – he recently contributed to Copyblogger his 7 mistakes of guest posting . The best bit of advice he gave was…

“Confidence carries the day when it comes to guest posting.”

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Sonia Simone

Sonia, the CMO at Copyblogger Media and well-known content marketer focuses on what to do after the guest post has been published which is equally important as getting the spot and writing the thing. Her advice for converting as much of the attention you get into business benefits is…

“Be sure your landing page is tied to your traffic source.”

Creating a landing page for guest post traffic is a very smart move and something I admit I’m guilty of not doing yet but I certainly will now.

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Aman Basanti

Aman focuses on the psychology of selling with his blog Age of Marketing. He applies his expertise in telling us how to get guest blog posts accepted everytime i.e. how to pitch like a guest blogging pro…

“As editors are busy, they do not have the time to imagine how your post relates to their niche. Your pitch has to be specific to their blog from the outset. The simplest way to make your post appear more specific is to use the right language.”

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Demian Farnworth

Demian, the flamboyant copywriter and blogger behind the Copybot explains that guest blogging is one of the best ways you can beat online obscurity. He advocates a positive mindset when it comes to guest blogging, ensuring you aren’t holding back just because the content isn’t going on your own blog.

“Put your best stuff on other people’s blogs”

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Jordan Cooper

Jordan, a professional standup who has gained traction in the world of online marketing through his Not a Pro Blog, offers some excellent advice on how we can all get spots on A-list blogs and websites. One of his 10 proven steps to snag a guest post is…

“Write the guest post. Don’t ask. Just do it”

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