My thoughts on Google+

I’ve been playing around a bit with Google+ and my initial reaction was that it’s ok but I think it might grow on me, right now it doesn’t really feel all that different to what you can do with Facebook and Twitter. I can’t shake that feeling it’s just going to be another place, we as a business and I personally have to be in order to be seen – will it replace one of the social networks?

There are suggestions that Google+ has 18 20 million users already which makes it the fastest growing social network surpasssing Facebook and even Twitter for growth but it is still tiny in comparison. People seem impressed with the growth but A) This is Google, they have a headstart and B) Making it ‘closed’ simply made it the hottest ticket in town, the search giant took a leaf out of the marketing book and added a touch of scarcity/exclusivity to their offer. I had 14 invites within the first couple of days – I suspect some of you had even more. People wanted in to the hottest club right now.

So the million dollar question is…Is it going to change the web, it’s too early to tell – but with the rel=”author” tag being introduced and now Google+ author profiles being introduced into search result pages – it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that Google+ is going to impact in some way on SEO. How big an impact? Well only Google knows that for sure.

Let’s face it though, Google+ was always going to be popular in the SEO community because Google need only drop a tiny a hint that it could affect rankings and SEOs are all over it like a tramp on chips.

It’s likely to be a good source of extra traffic though and like Brian Clarke says it kind of is the ultimate platform for the content marketer.

What do you think?

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