Content Asset Development

1390402534_Infinity-LoopThe ultimate goal of any marketer should be passive link acquisition – the organic, editorially earned link isn’t a myth but it requires some time and investment upfront. We work closely with you to develop an evergreen content asset that will drive targeted visitors, garner social traction and attain authoritative links – on an ongoing basis.

We aim to initially flood then consistently drip-feed your website with a flow of links you can be proud of. Links that can dramatically improve search engine visibility as well as offer:

  • Significant Potential for Referral Traffic
  • Online Brand Awareness
  • Social proof  that improves conversion

We position your asset to maximize the number of quality links it obtains over its lifetime as well as ensuring it is designed to pull in a steady but ongoing stream of targeted visitors who might also turn into customers for your business.  It’s creative content marketing fused with link building know-how.

Our 5 stage process has been carefully refined to be cost-effective and maximise return on investment over time:

  1. Concept & Create
  2. Seed
  3. Prime
  4. Support
  5. Extend

Our content asset development service in action

The chart below shows the growth in referring domains for a content asset we developed for an existing client of ours in the design niche.

The asset was launched 6 months prior to the start date of this chart and the consistent growth continues to this day – it was designed to meet a need in the market and is something that users and influencers alike have an interest in and will continue to have an interest in for years to come. 2014-1-20 13 10 29

Our content asset development service is about building a long-term foundation, not tapping into something that is hot for 5 minutes then gone. We want to provide your business with a platform that means every month you’re not starting with a blank scorecard, you can layer additional online marketing efforts on top and enjoy a compound effect.

Rates start from £2,500/$4,100 per project with no ongoing commitment or hidden charges.

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