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6 experts talk linkbuilding

Yes, I know. That’s quite an expansive question, but the aim of this post is to provide an overview strategy as well as some tactics that the experts are using so that we can zero in on some more basic linkbuilding concepts. There is a great deal of advanced, higher-level linkbuilding content out there but […]

7 guest posting mistakes you might be making

Guest posting is a superb, natural way to build links to your website. It allows you to add value whilst attracting quality inbound links in a measured and proactive way as well as initiating strong relationships with bloggers in your industry. That’s if it’s done right. There are some mistakes which are often made when […]

5 things hip-hop moguls can teach us about SEO

The news emerged over the weekend that Stanley K. Burrell (better known as MC Hammer) is to front a new search engine – WireDoo. Publicity stunts aside, there is a lot SEOs can learn from the multi-billion dollar hip-hop industry and the millionaire moguls that inhabit it. Here’s a lighthearted look at some of those […]

8 ways to Amazon-ify your Website

Want to be in the same league as Amazon? Here are 8 things that Amazon does which have helped make it the $30bn a year eCommerce business it is today…The best part is that you can implement all of these things in your business… Your homepage is likely to get the most visitors and probably […]

A powerful framework for improving SEO

SEO can feel like a treadmill. Despite your very best efforts; your competitors outrank you, you’re not getting the links you deserve, your content isn’t being devoured, you can’t seem to grow traffic. We’ve all been there. No matter how fast you run, you just don’t seem to get anywhere. How do we break out […]