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The 5-Hour Contextual Link Workweek

When James asks, “How are you doing?” regarding Skyrocket link opportunity, I tell him, “It’s covered.”     How can I perpetuate the madness?  To start, I read Jason Acidre’s post at Kaiser the Sage.  The topic was contextual links, a blessing for me, allowing more time for drinks and Musettes.     Contextual links are […]

Unmissable Local Link Building Opportunities

The world of guest blogging is getting crowded. So many suppliers vying for your attention and so many folks out there pounding the inboxes of everyone from lower level webmasters through to the upper echelons of the blogosphere. You’ve got Google hinting they might crack down and you’ve got people asking you to open your […]

Build links not (just) relationships

You may have seen a recent YOUmoz post titled “Build Relationships Not Links” by Scott Kivowitz and whilst I thought the post had some merit to it, I feel it warranted a response so here are my thoughts complete with a provocative headline Big, risky content projects are important, we of course should be looking […]