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Tactical Website Acquisitions: An Alternative Way to Increase Your Search Traffic

As any SEO will tell you, clawing your way to the top and staying ahead in competitive verticals online continues to get harder – not only is the Google algorithm an ever-evolving beast but SEO is a zero-sum game with more entrants than ever vying for a finite number of positions. Say you’re getting XXX,XXX […]

What does the Average User Think about Online Content [STUDY]


We conducted a survey of 500 US individuals to gain a deeper insight into how consumers view the content we all produce and to determine what impact things like authorship markup in SERPs and perceived credibility have on their behavior as well as what factors contribute to an individual sharing a piece of content and ultimately […]

Collection of @content_muse Digital Marketing Resources – July 2013

Collection of @content_muse Digital Marketing Resources - July 2013

Hello, Skyrocketeers! It is I, content_muse , don’t ya know me? I’ve written marketing curation posts before.  You liked it. I’m a giver.  I thought maybe you would enjoy having this as a reference as well.  If you have anything to add, make a comment. Otherwise, please contact me on Twitter or the Skyrocket Google Plus […]