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Collection of @content_muse Digital Marketing Resources – July 2013

Hello, Skyrocketeers! It is I, content_muse , don’t ya know me? I’ve written marketing curation posts before.  You liked it. I’m a giver.  I thought maybe you would enjoy having this as a reference as well.  If you have anything to add, make a comment. Otherwise, please contact me on Twitter or the Skyrocket Google Plus [...]

Search Operators for Better Online Marketing

Hey, SkyrocketSEO readers. We often leverage search operators, along with online tools like Garrett’s Link Prospector, to analyze in-house and client-related opportunities. I recently hosted the below URLs on our Skyrocket Google Plus page, It was a good one.. AJ Kohn says so..   but the post was negated, likely due to the number links. [...]

32.5 Insights of Paddy – Homage by Search Operators

(Gives salute) Welcome, Skyrocketeers Thank you for lending your eyes to our marketing prose.  Let’s start this social piece with a confession of transparency. I done messed up. I’ve been hosting segments on newly-branded LinkBuilding.TV, loving the opportunity to discuss online marketing in a different format as well as expanding my skill set, learning video [...]

Creating and Using Your PR Editorial Calendar

In the Beginning There Was Reality… Exposure grows over time, generating business leads, begetting relations with clients.  PR facilitates exposure and strengthens branding sentiments, necessary in compounding and conveying company messages. Like content marketing, no magic genie lamp or Harry Potter wave of the wand makes success.  The story is enchanting, much like watching our [...]

How Would Wu Google? The School of Shaolin Search Operators

“If you got beef then bring the ruckus…” – Wu-Tang Clan Do competitors fear your marketing clan?  They should.  I want my competitors to lose sleep, wondering what I’m crafting in the wee hours of the night while they’re catching up on Downton Abbey. Opportunity never sleeps or takes a quick nap with the lights [...]