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My thoughts on Google+

I’ve been playing around a bit with Google+ and my initial reaction was that it’s ok but I think it might grow on me, right now it doesn’t really feel all that different to what you can do with Facebook and Twitter. I can’t shake that feeling it’s just going to be another place, we […]

5 ways to be a resourceful link builder

Linkbuilding is one of those areas of SEO where you could feasibly spend hours mining, collating, sorting and listing whilst actually achieving very little – here are some of the tactics we use to improve the effectiveness of our linkbuilding campaigns. 1. Dig deep for that email address Many blogs display a PayPal ‘donate’ button […]

7 steps to successful guest posting

More authority, new audiences and more clients Guest posting offers benefits way beyond just SEO. I’ve just created a short but very useful guide for anyone that is considering using guest posting as a way of growing the reach of their blog or their business. 7 steps to successful guest posting covers… How to target […]

A rough guide to competitor link research

Replicating a competitor’s link profile is rarely a smart SEO strategy but digging around in their links can give you an incredible amount of useful and actionable data to work with. Note: from the smart folks at SEOmoz, and MajesticSEO are my weapons of choice for competitive link research. See the TYPES of links […]