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30+ resources for generating content ideas

As anyone who participates in content-based link building will tell you – coming up with ideas for content to produce is one of the hardest parts. If you’ve got a great idea, the rest of the process becomes a lot easier…pitching great stuff makes outreach much less painful. Bloggers get excited if you are pitching […]

Why some blog posts work & others don’t

Content Marketing – what does it really mean? If we break the phrase down the eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that we have the words ‘content’ and ‘marketing’ Admittedly I couldn’t find the perfect definition for content but if we mash up two of the accepted definitions we arrive at a explanation which reads something […]

How to craft high-conversion outreach emails

Outreach emails are probably one of the biggest challenges faced by SEOs. In this post, I will run through how we write ‘high-conversion’ outreach emails. By conversion of course I mean getting them do take the desired action. It all starts with a mindset… Don’t be afraid of email – you will get some people […]

How to Create a Top List that Goes Viral

Almost on a daily basis, I see people trying to reinvent the linkbait wheel, constantly looking for new formats of content. Whilst I’m all for innovation and progress, there is something that can be said for utilising tried and tested methods of audience attraction and link development. Top lists are one of those tried and […]

Most Epic SEO Content of 2011

2011 has been a pretty incredible year and as this is my last planned blog post until January, I figured it would be a great time to curate some of the best posts I’ve read all year on SEO, content marketing, social media, conversion and more. To prove this is more than just a list […]