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How to organise & nurture your high-value link prospects

I can’t stress enough the importance of categorising link opportunities and spending a proportionate amount of time developing that link relative to its “worth” in the context of your campaign. After all, you wouldn’t send your entire sales team to close that “one-man outfit” sales prospect. You might like to give everyone the same treatment [...]

Are you missing out on these guest blogging opportunities?

Corporate blogs are under-utilised in most content-led link building campaigns that operate outside of the realms of ‘online marketing’. In the SEO and internet marketing space we are fairly use to this practice. SEOmoz, HubSpot and KissMetrics …All valid examples of excellent corporate blogs, all accept guest posts, however, practices that are common place to [...]

20+ resources for prospecting, organising & researching link opportunities

Developing and acquiring high-quality links is a challenge, let alone being able to effectively scale the process. Luckily though, there are a number of tools which will help with a lot of the heavy lifting which frees up your time to really get down and dirty developing those relationships and actually scoring the links. Here [...]