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Build links not (just) relationships

You may have seen a recent YOUmoz post titled “Build Relationships Not Links” by Scott Kivowitz and whilst I thought the post had some merit to it, I feel it warranted a response so here are my thoughts complete with a provocative headline Big, risky content projects are important, we of course should be looking […]

The Secrets of Scalable Content Production

See also – How to systemise your link building without compromising quality It’s no secret that we recently opened up our content production team to external clients (previously it was a part of Skyrocket that served only our outreach team) but after much persuasion from various clients we decided to look at how we might […]

Let’s fix blogger-SEO relations

I’m not singling out Darren here, he makes some very valid points and really as the unofficial spokesperson for bloggers raises some issues which I suspect are on a lot of people’s minds. Darren Rowse (founder of Problogger) put a post out on Google+ labeling SEO guest posts “The New Scurge of a Bloggers Existence”. […]

How to make your link building profitable

Wil Reynolds told us at MozCon that we as SEOs are the ‘ugly fish of marketing’. The room laughed as we mocked those fancy traditional marketers… Wil likened us SEOs to those fish that eat shit off the bottom of the tank all day and still thrive.. The fact remains though that traditional marketers are […]