Anthony’s Eleven – Mean, Mean Source Code Machine

I’m not very tech savvy.

But, I use my creativity to get by (sometimes at the peril of my immediate surroundings.)

I also get by with a little help from SEO friends.

James Agate asked me to survey a new free tool to help with SEO matters.

Meanpath is a source code search engine, which I believe a number of you will find useful.


Rather than write a number of methods out long-hand.  I will relay helpful ways to use the tool a la Dr. Pete.

To begin, let’s start at the source:

#1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (thanks Barrie)


Want to view a content management systems?


Want to review domain locations?


Want to review popular themes?


Want to look into popular web hosts?


Who’s using Adsense? (align with competitor names?)


Peer into who’s using Google Analytics.


Align Google Authorship with author or brand.

Did I write that? (boohahahahaha!)



What about schema markup (for video or other)?


#9 (thanks AJ Ghergich)


Look for image source codes (used “smiley.gif” for this example)

#10, 11 (thanks Lauren)


See who is using Paypal as a payment option.


What if I wanted to see who is discussing SEOmoz (oh snap) Moz with “recommend” within 10 words of one another?

Moz isn’t a competitor to Skyrocket, but we know who hosts the better beard.

hate the barber not the game, son.


Keep in mind that Meanpath is still in beta, so be patient.  Additionally, I’m not a coder and not tech savvy, so you’re likely to find better operations in using Meanpath than I.  I’m simply here as a scaffold, presenting ideas for search operation.



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